CNC Double Head Miter Saw  16-1/2″ (420 mm)


√ 16-1/2” Full Automatic Double Head Mitre Saw designed for straight and angle cutting of vinyl and aluminum profiles

√ Hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed with variable speed control to suit different profiles & materials

√ Two hand safety operation of saw head feeding is interlocked with the pneumatic clamping of the workpiece

√ Saw heads can be operated together for use as a double mitre saw or individually for use as a single mitre saw

√ Mobile right hand saw head is equipped with a pneumatic brake system which is automatically activated at the beginning of the cutting cycle

√ Adjustable cutting speed (saw blade feed)

√ Pneumatically operated overhead safety guarding for both saw heads

√ Conveyor attached to the right hand mobile saw head

√ Saw complies with CE, UL & CSA  Safety Directives

√ Windows based computer system

√ Profile details are entered by USB

√ Half-finished product cutting

√ 2 x 16-1/2” carbide tipped saw blades

√ Barcode printer

√ Air Gun

√ Additional conveyor system on moveable saw head

√ Pneumatic clamps

√ User’s manual

Spare saw blade

√ Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system


Technical Features  Imperial 

ZIGMA-02  AP 2×3 HP 3-Phase 220/440V 60 Hz D=16.5″ d=1.18″ 3000 rpm 90-120 psi 1 CFM 46″x200″x67″ 2,390 lbs

Technical Features      Metric 

ZIGMA-02  AP 4.8 kW 400V 50Hz D= 420 mm d=30 mm 3000 rpm 6-8 Bar 30 l/min 120x508x170 cm 1,090 kg

Technical features, design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice