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Welcome To ATech Machinery

ATech is a leading supplier of an extensive range of machinery for the window & door industry with state-of-the-art technology, customized solutions and a comprehensive scope of services.

ATech Team work closely with each customer to find out the best possible solution to their window & door production requirements processing vinyl, aluminum and wood. Our machines are capable of meeting a variety of production needs for small and medium size plants, as well as for large corporations with high level production. Our wide range of machinery includes double head saws, upcut saws, upcut miter saws, end milling machines, vinyl welders, copy routers, corner cleaners, bending machinery, custom tooling like cutter stacks, fixtures, bending molds and many more.

We use the best quality materials and a controlled production process for each machine we manufacture, which provides efficient and accurate profile processing in guaranteed quality. Combined with our skilled and efficient spare part and after-sales service, we can provide uncompromising reliability.